Welcome to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Website

This website can be used to file an appeal with the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, manage an existing appeal that you have filed or have had filed against your permit, or to submit a response to an appeal notification. Please select from the following options:

New Appeal

To file a new appeal online, you must fully complete the online appeal form and pay the required fee or your appeal will not be processed. You will require a valid credit card in order to pay the appeal fee. The current fee for filing an appeal is either $37 or $72, based on the appeal type and the zoning of the property under appeal.
If you do not have a valid credit card, you may file your appeal in person and pay by debit, credit, cheque or cash at:

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
Office of the City Clerk
Churchill Building
10019 - 103 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 0G9

Existing Appeal

If you have already filed an appeal, or have had an appeal filed against your permit, you may login here to:
  1. view the status of your appeal, including information about any scheduled hearings
  2. withdraw your appeal
  3. request a postponement of the Hearing
  4. review the responses from affected properties near yours
  5. submit and view supporting documents

You will require the appeal number and PIN that were sent to you via email.

Submit Response

If you received a letter about an appeal in your area, you may use this entry point to indicate your position on the appeal and any comments you may wish to contribute. Please note that any responses received will be added to the file which is available for public viewing.

Search for SDAB Decisions

Use this entry point to search for SDAB decisions from 2015 onwards.